Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a logo? Need more information about how to use our medical center’s name? Not sure which blue is Columbia blue? Our frequently asked questions cover the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) brand identity, logos and templates, design and visual system, and digital content.

Logos and Templates

Where can I download the CUIMC logo?

Download logos (CUIMC UNI required)

Are there guidelines for sizing logos?

Yes, because the spacing and sizing of logos affect the visual perception of our brand. Read more about logo restrictions.

Design and Visual System

Can I use any blue to represent Columbia?

The official blue of Columbia is Pantone 7686. Read more about using colors.

What fonts should I use for my projects?

Trajan Pro font should only be used with trademarks provided by CUIMC Communications. Gotham font should be used as a display font (in print and online) and a text font in external designs. Read more about typography.

How should I use photos in my project?

Photos are an important part of any design. View our guidelines.

How do I get stationery templates?

You will need your Columbia UNI and password to access them. Find stationery templates.

Digital Brand

How do I start a new website project for my office?

Our CUIMC Digital Strategy & Web Services team is here to help. The first step is setting up a meeting to talk about the process and goals. Read more about requesting a new website.

Is there a difference between website colors vs. print colors?

Yes, screens display website colors differently from how they appear printed on paper. Read more about web colors.

What is accessibility and why is it important?

Accessibility refers to the design of resources, such as websites, for all people to use, including those with disabilities ranging from vision impairment to hearing loss to cognitive limitations. For more information, view our Accessibility User Guide on the Digital Strategy & Web Services Intranet.

Where can I find information about sharing content on social media?

Maintaining professionalism and communicating respectfully and ethically on social media is vital to the reputation of the CUIMC enterprise. View our Guidelines for Social Media and the Columbia University policy on social media and HIPAA policy.

Where can I find information about writing for websites?

View the Tips to Improve Your Writing User Guide on the Digital Strategy & Web Services Intranet.

How do I update my office’s current website?

Our Digital Strategy & Web Services team provides resources for members of the medical center community who manage their office’s website. Read more about website support.