What We Do

We conceive, create, and share communications in support of the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) mission to provide global leadership in scientific research, health and medical education, and patient care. We proudly use our creative skills to tell stories about the medical center’s four schools:

Our expertise spans media relations, brand management, digital marketing, publications, internal communications, social media, and video production. Learn more about our work and how you can partner with us. To share your news or ask us questions, please contact us.

Branding and Marketing

We speak with one voice in our marketing efforts and ensure that our brand’s story aligns with the visual identity and values of Columbia University. In close collaboration with the faculty practice organization, we direct the marketing strategy for the medical center and assist medical center entities in promoting themselves effectively and appropriately.


We provide the following services:

  • Oversight of the CUIMC brand and identity
  • Consultations on marketing strategy
  • Management and launch of marketing campaigns
  • Review of high-profile advertising campaigns
  • Review of name/logo usage for external purposes

We bring experience in digital marketing and more traditional forms of marketing, such as signage, print, or broadcast, and draw on strong vendor relationships to assist in marketing campaigns. Our office reviews all name/logo usage by external entities and all high-visibility advertising placements. CUIMC Communications also serves as the main medical center liaison for the Columbia University Office of Communications and Public Affairs and NewYork-Presbyterian Communications and Marketing.

Contact Us

You can learn more in our Branding & Identity section. For more information about our services or if you have questions please contact us.

Digital Strategy & Web Services

  • We are a team of digital professionals and subject matter experts who collaborate with clinicians, researchers, educators, and administrators across the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC). 
  • Our expertise includes digital, social media, and content strategy and marketing; web development and search engine optimization, and more!
  • To learn more, please visit the Digital Strategy & Web Services website.

Internal Communications

Our team shares information with faculty, staff, and students across the medical center through email and online formats.

Digital Platforms

We manage the following platforms and publications:

  • Broadcast Emails alert the campus to important news and are reserved for topics important and urgent for the entire community.
  • CUIMC Events Calendar, which uses the Columbia Event Calendar Service (also knonw as Bedework), displays user-submitted CUIMC events.
    • Visit the event calendar service user guide to learn more about the calendar system, including instructions for creating a calendar for your unit.
    • To submit an event, log into the Event Calendar Service, go to your event item, go to promote your events, and then check the "Share Your Event on the Columbia University Irving Medical Center" box. Our office reviews event submissions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • CUIMC in the News (formerly called the Weekly Media Report) is a weekly email compilation showcasing news media coverage of CUIMC research, education, patient care, and community outreach.
  • Newsletters that email out a variety of information during variable time frames to different audiences. To learn more about our newsletter options, see the Newsletter section.

Digital Signage

Outside the realm of CUIMC Communications, digital signage offers another way to communicate internally. More information about campus digital signs is available on the digital signage page.


For more information about internal communications at CUIMC, please contact us.

Media Relations

Our team is focused on connecting Columbia faculty, researchers, and physicians with the media and the public.

Faculty or Staff

If you are a Columbia faculty or staff member, we can help you to communicate your latest research to the press, prepare you for media interviews, help you to write and place op-eds, and create videos and other multimedia that describe your work. To maximize media opportunities, share your news about papers and other initiatives in advance. For more information, please contact us.

Journalists or Producers

If you are a journalist or producer, we can help you find an expert, set up a photo or film shoot at Columbia, and provide research assistance for a story. For more information, please contact us.


For more information on media-related policies, please check out the interviews, photography, video, or filming section on our policies page.



Columbia Medicine Magazine

Columbia Medicine magazine is published three times a year for alumni, faculty, students, and other supporters of the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.

VP&S Annual Reports

VP&S Annual Reports lists current and archived annual reports produced by the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Social Media

Video Studio

  • Our state-of-the-art video studio, located in the Hammer Health Sciences Center and managed by CUIMC Communications, is at your disposal for a fee-based service.
  • Whether it's showcasing faculty profiles or creating concise science shorts, we skillfully bring your concepts to life through professionally produced videos.
  • We also provide monthly opportunities for professional headshots.
  • For more information, please contact us.
  • For more information on services and rates, please visit the CUIMC Video Studio page.


Looking for information about best practices in communications? Our policies cover advertising, filming on campus, social media, and more.

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