CUIMC Events Digital Signage Policy

The CUIMC event office manages digital signage content in various locations throughout the CUIMC campus. The digital signage screens provide an opportunity for publicizing medical center events in a highly visible and engaging manner. Some screens run general event postings while others run student-focused event postings. 

There is a $125 fee (per week/per poster) for event postings submitted by CU or CUIMC departments, centers, or offices.  This fee covers the overall maintenance and management of the digital signage system. 

There is no fee associated for student event postings submitted by registered CU or CUIMC student organizations.

Please note: Posters on easels are no longer permitted in any of the aforementioned lobbies; however, event posters containing program, schedule, and instructions for participants will be permitted on the day of the event only. They must be removed immediately following the event.

Digital Signage Suitable for Posting

Suitable event signagage include all those that are either sponsored or co-sponsored by a CUIMC or CU department, center, office, or (for student signage) a registered student organization. 

Digital Signage Not Suitable for Posting

  • Event signage that will be billed to a grant account (PC Unit: SPON)
  • Lectures, seminars, or symposia that are invitation only
  • Courses
  • Guest appearances by faculty, staff, or students at other institutions outside Columbia
  • Administrative or other meeting among a group of faculty, staff, or students that are closed to others
  • Information or advertisements for clinical or research trials
  • Events not affiliated with the medical center
  • Events that occur off campus (unless officially sponsored by the university)

Non-event postings/announcements may be considered if there is room on the rotation schedule. Examples of permitted signage are grant-related announcements, special course announcements, and campus or public safety information.

Other Digital Signage Throughout the CUIMC Campus

For posting in the Vagelos Education Center, please contact Nikki Erdman at

For posting in Housing signage at 60 Haven Ave., please contact Noemi Bueno at

For posting on the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center signage, please contact Michael Orrange at


For information on digital signage design requirements, visit our Design Requirements webpage.

For event and student signage, contact