Our policies protect the branding and identity of Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) and provide guidance on best practices in communications, from advertising to social media.


Any public use of the Columbia name or logo must be reviewed and approved by CUIMC Communications in advance. We may also provide guidance or suggest other resources to make outreach activities more successful. Email cumcnews@columbia.edu.

Clinical practice advertising questions should be directed to Kristin O’Meara at ColumbiaDoctors. Email kmo2133@cumc.columbia.edu.

All use of the hospital brand name or logo requires separate review by NewYork-Presbyterian's marketing team.

Generally, requests for commercial advertising, such as for clinical practice marketing, should be submitted at least five business days in advance. Ads using previously approved creative work usually can be reviewed and approved in about two days. Units are encouraged to submit an overall plan that can be reviewed prior to execution so that subsequent reviews can be streamlined.

Branding and Logos

The CUIMC identity system has templates, artwork, and flexible guidelines for our schools, departments, centers, and institutes to use when developing various communications materials. It is designed to highlight the strength of our collective resources while building on the heritage of Columbia University. Our identity system sends a strong, clear, and unified message to the public that, taken together, we represent one of the finest and most comprehensive academic medical centers in the country.

All logos for CUIMC units, programs, or activities must conform to branding guidelines. For more information, view branding and identity.

Broadcast Email

Broadcast emails are reserved for topics important and urgent for the entire community. View our broadcast email policy and submit requests.

Corporate and Third-Party Requests

In some cases, a vendor or other non-Columbia entity asks Columbia University faculty or staff to provide quotes or other input to corporate news releases or other marketing materials, or asks to use the Columbia name in such materials. Please refer all such requests to the CUIMC Office of Communications for review. Email cumcnews@columbia.edu.

Columbia faculty and staff are not permitted to endorse products, and the university name or insignias may not be used to advertise or recommend commercial products and services, to promote the activities of outside organizations, or to further social or political causes. In most instances, corporate use of the Columbia name or identity requires a contract and an exception to the university’s standard terms. For more information, view Columbia’s procurement website.

Digital Signage

CUIMC Special Events oversees many digital signs found in buildings on campus. Members of our medical center's community are welcome to promote their lectures, courses, meetings, and events on these monitors. For more information, view the digital signage policy.

Interviews, Photography, Video, or Filming at CUIMC

Interviews, photos, and film shoots at Columbia’s medical campus are overseen by CUIMC Communications. Reporters, photographers, and videographers from news outlets may access medical center property only when authorized and accompanied by a member of our staff. Non-media requests, such as educational videos, marketing, and department websites, must be submitted at least 10 business days in advance to allow sufficient time for review and may be subject to location and support fees.

To submit a request, email cumcnews@columbia.edu.

Social Media

Maintaining professionalism and communicating respectfully and ethically on social media is vital to the reputation of the CUIMC enterprise. View our Guidelines for Social Media and the Columbia University policy on social media and HIPAA policy.