Typography is the style and appearance of printed matter and includes fonts. CUIMC will use typography that connects us with our historic brand while reflecting the vibrant and distinct qualities of a New York City institution.

Trajan Pro font should only be used with trademarks supplied by CUIMC Communications. Creating a logo lockup for a medical center entity is prohibited. Due to its distinctness and clarity, Gotham should be used as a display font and as a text font in external designs. For websites Montserrat is used as the display font instead of Gotham. ITC Giovanni font is restricted to use as body text on websites and in official documents.

Using Gotham, Montserrat and ITC Giovanni fonts at varying weights is allowed while keeping in mind legibility.

Font: Trajan Pro (Regular & Bold)

Approved Uses: Used only in logo lockups provided by CUIMC Communications

Trajan Pro, approved CUIMC font.
Trajan Pro Bold, approved CUIMC font.

Font: Gotham (Regular & Bold)

Approved Uses: Used as a display font. And used as a body text font for all purposes except body text on websites & official documents.

Font: ITC Giovanni (Regular & Bold)

Approved Uses: ITC Giovanni font is restricted to use as body text on websites and in official documents.

Find alternative fonts when Gotham or ITC Giovanni are unavailable. Contact CUIMC Communications for more information.


Alternative Typography

When Gotham or ITC Giovanni are unavailable, please use the following replacement fonts for documents or as part of website font stacks:

For Microsoft Word, Powerpoint & Excel

(in order of preference)


  1. Gotham (license required)
  2. Helvetica
  3. Arial

Body Text

  1. ITC Giovanni (license required)
  2. Times New Roman
  3. Times

For Website Font Stacks

(in order of preference)


“Montserrat”, “Helvetica”, “Arial”, sans-serif

Body Text

“itc-giovanni”, “ITC Giovanni Std”, “Georgia”, “Times New Roman”, “Times”, serif