Use of Color in Print and Online

Pantone 7686 is our official color. All other previously authorized blues or supporting colors should no longer be used by the medical center or its entities as a primary color. Pantone 7686 is supported by secondary and accent colors, which can be used in design to express our visual system. The appropriate proportion of color usage is available on the next page. The CMYK values are for print only, while the HEX and RGB values apply to all other media, including websites.

Primary Color

CUIMC Brand Blue, PMS (Pantone) 7686c, RGB: (29, 79,145), Hex: 1d4f91, CMYK: (100, 73, 0, 10)

Secondary Colors

CUIMC secondary gray, Pantone Cool Gray 11c, RGB: (83, 86, 90), Hex: 53565a, CMYC: (44, 34, 22, 77), CUIMC secondary blue, PMS (Pantone) 3005c, RGB(0, 119, 200), Hex: 0077c8, CMYK: (100, 31, 0, 0)

Accent Colors

CUIMC accent green, PMS (Pantone) 7731c, RGB: (34, 136, 72), Hex: 228848, CMYK: (79, 0, 89, 22), CUIMC accent pink, PMS (Pantone) 675c, RGB: (174, 37, 115), Hex: AE2573, CMYK: (18, 100, 0, 8)
CUIMC accent orange, PMS (Pantone): 1655c, RGB: (252, 76, 2), Hex: FC4C02, CMYK: (0, 73, 98, 0), CUIMC accent yellow, PMS (Pantone) 137c, RGB: (255, 163, 0), Hex: FFA300, CMYK: (0, 41, 100, 8)
CUIMC accent gray, Pantone Cool Gray 9c, RGB: (117, 120, 123), Hex: 75787B, CMYK: (30, 22, 17, 57)

Color Proportion

The proportion or balance of colors in our visual identity is important. PMS 7686 is our primary color and is a core element of our brand. With the exception of white and black, other secondary and accent colors should be used sparingly as depicted below. When used selectively, secondary and accent colors give designs variety. However, to provide a more focused and consistent design, we recommend omitting secondary or accent color if possible.

Illustration of color proportions for CUIMC. The primary blue is shown at 50% coverage. The secondary colors are at 15% coverage each. The accent colors are at 5% coverage each.