Logo Restrictions

Our logos should be used with the appropriate spacing and sizing to make themmore visible and distinguish them from surrounding elements. The o-height from the “o” in “Columbia” defines the minimum clear space that should bemaintained around the logo to separate it from surrounding elements. The minimum width is 1.0 inch or 100 pixels on screen for the Columbia logo and 1.5 inches or 150 pixels on screen for the CUIMC logo.

Clear Space

Clear space restrictions for Columbia logos.

Minimum Size

Minimum size logos for Columbia.

Logo Usage Restrictions

Use the logos provided by CUIMC Communications. Do not modify them. For usage questions, please contact CUIMC Communications.


  1. Do not add a bevel or emboss
  2. Do not reconfigure or change sizes
  3. Do not change colors
  4. Do not disproportionation
  5. Do not outline in any color
  6. Do not recreate elements
  7. Do not add a drop shadow or glow
  8. Do not place on a busy background
  9. Do not change the orientation
  10. Do not change the background color
  11. Do not crop in any way
  12. Do not place on a similar color