How to Use ResourceSpace

You can access and download digital assets for the medical center using ResourceSpace.

Log in to ResourceSpace 

What is ResourceSpace?

ResourceSpace is a digital asset management tool for the entire medical center. There you will find logos, images, templates, and other digital assets for all your communications and marketing needs. 

Accessing ResourceSpace

ResourceSpace is available to Columbia University faculty, students and staff, and requires signing in with a UNI. ResourceSpace creates an account for you the first time you sign in.

How to Use ResourceSpace

  1. Sign into ResourceSpace with your Columbia UNI using your browser:
  2. Read and accept the "Terms and conditions" (first-time users only)
  3. On the main page, find the search tool on the right of the screen
  4. In the search tool, enter the word "logo" with the name of the department or unit
    • For example, "logo department of surgery” or “logo division of cardiology” or “logo human resources”
  5. Hit “return” or click "search"
A screenshot of the resourcespace home page with an arrow pointing to the search field in the top right corner.