How to Use the Logo Library

You can access and download medical center logos in the CUIMC logo library.

The logo library is hosted on CUIMC's Digital Asset Management system, ResourceSpace

The logo library is available to Columbia University faculty, students and staff, and requires signing in with a UNI. ResourceSpace creates an account for you the first time you sign in.

How to Use the Logo Library

  1. Sign into ResourceSpace with your Columbia UNI using your browser:
  2. Read and accept the "Terms and conditions" (first-time users only)
  3. On the main page, find the search tool on the right of the screen
  4. In the search tool, enter the word "logo" with the name of the department or unit
    • For example, "logo department of surgery” or “logo division of cardiology” or “logo human resources”
  5. Hit “return” or click "search"
  6. If you would like to sort by type of logo, check off a logo category (for example, "Logo - EPS") before searching

Logo Library Contents

  • Medical Center Logo
  • CUIMC College & School Logos
  • Department Logos
  • Administrative Unit Logos
  • Brand Guide
  • Powerpoint Templates
  • Digital Letterhead

Logo Formats

  • Logo orientations: Horizontal and vertical
  • Color schemes: Blue (PMS 7686) and white knockout
  • File formats: EPS, PDF (easiest format), and PNG 
  • Color formats: RGB (for screens and web) and CMYK (for print only) 

If you cannot find a logo, please contact CUIMC Communications. Do not try to create a logo.

Quick Links

After signing into ResourceSpace once, you can use the links below to find popular logos or logo collections: